Miraphone Tuba Serial Number Location

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Miraphone Tuba Serial Number Location

When I replace a bell on a Miraphone I stamp the original serial number into the paddle bar along with the date I rebuilt the horn plus my initials. Alphorn, BBb cimbasso, etc. Dan Schultz: TubaTinker TubaTinker: Posts: 10081: Joined: Fri Mar 19, 2004 4:46 am: Location: Newburgh, Indiana. Mirafone Instrument Ages. Approximate age of Mirafone Brass Instruments. Serial Number.

Piston version of the 191. The 1291 Series Tuba offers the player outstanding performance in a piston valve design. The Miraphone 1291 Series 4/4 BBb Tuba is exceptional tubas with a compact design that is the piston equivalent to the Miraphone 191 Series.

The 1291 Series features a.835 inch bore piston valve design for a quick response with excellent intonation plus an 18.5 inch upright bell for outstanding resonance and projection. The Miraphone 1291 Series 4/4 BBb Tubas are available in lacquer in a 4 valve model (1291-4U) or in a 5 valveā€4 piston 1 rotary valve (1291-5U) design. Seeing the popularity of the compact 4/4, front valve BBb tubas, Miraphone has manufactured the 1291. Phonetorch N95 Flashlight Led Free Download. Available with 4 or 5 valves and standard nickel silver trim. The sound is broad and even from top to bottom and will fit into any playing situation.

Comments about Miraphone 1291 Series 4/4 BBb Tuba: I purchased a 5-valve 1291 from WWBW about two years ago and have found it to be a fantastic instrument. With the available fingering combinations, I can play the entire range in tune-without pulling any slides! The tone is full and mellow, and the low range is tremendous. The 1291 came with a Miraphone TU33 mouthpiece. However, I find that the slightly smaller TU29 mouthpiece allows me to play a bit nimbler, and I can still reach down for the pedal B-flat.

Comments about Miraphone 1291 Series 4/4 BBb Tuba: I was a little apprehensive about ordering this Miraphone tuba because the local maintenance shop said they were fragile and that they typically require a lot of repairs. I spoke with the contractor that services the Naval Academy and Coast Guard Academy horns. He stated the current models are much more rugged than they used to be. Based on that recommendation I ordered the 1291 for uses here in Alaska.

So far it has been virtually flawless when operating in sub-zero temperatures after being dumped out of bush plane baggage compartments, etc. The jam nut on the thumb ring comes loose pretty easily with temperature changes, but a little Threadlock got that under control. My one major problem was that the generic MTS case that was supposed to fit the 1291 actually didn't!

It would have crushed a couple of sections of tubing plus the rotary valve linkage if I had forced it closed. Plus it had Fiberglass lamination flaws that ran several long glass splinters into my fingers when I handled it.

I ended up shipping it back and paying nearly double for the Miraphone factory case and waiting forever for it, but in the end it was certainly worth every penny to upgrade to the right case. Comments about Miraphone 1291 Series 4/4 BBb Tuba: I've found the 5-valve Miraphone 1291 to be a fantastic tuba. Its tone is full and rich--everyone wants to know what it is when they first hear it.

Its intonation is right on, and it has a tremendous low register. If you want to, you can really get everyone's attention with this horn! The 1291 came with a Miraphone TU33 mouthpiece, but I like the Miraphone TU29 somewhat better. I can be a bit more nimble with the slightly smaller mouthpiece. If you select this horn, you won't be disappointed.