Internal Medicine Essentials For Clerkship Students 2 Pdf

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Chapter 2: Clerkship, Assessments, Evaluation, and Standardization Grading Process. Assessment Process. Internal Medicine Clerkship. Internal Medicine Essentials Questions, A Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP) for. Masters., 2015, American College of. MKSAP For Students 4 and Internal Medicine Essentials for Clerkship Students 2 - Packaged Set: 219: Medicine & Health Science Books @

Internal Medicine Essentials For Clerkship Students 2 Pdf

Explore IM Essentials Online to help you prepare for the internal medicine shelf and USMLE Step 2 CK exams. • Developed by the American College of Physicians (ACP) and the Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine (CDIM) • Created by over 90 internal medicine clerkship directors and edited by a. • Content Linked in IM Essentials Text to the self-assessment questions in IM Essentials Questions. • Detailed critiques, key points, and a reference are included for each question. • Review using Exam Mode to simulate test day and receive the results at the end or Study Mode, which provides the answers as you work through the exam.

• Compare Peer Statistics to other IM Essentials Online users and view your dashboard to judge how you are progressing. IM Essentials Text Organized by traditional internal medicine topics, IM Essentials Text content is included as part of the IM Essentials Online program. It is created specifically to provide the appropriate breadth and depth of coverage of key internal medicine topics in an 8- or 12-week clerkship or longitudinal rotation. Specific features included in the text are: • 106 chapters • More than 250 differential diagnosis tables and treatment algorithms • Over 150 color plates, imaging studies, and electrocardiograms • Associated self-assessment questions linked to each chapter, available in IM Essentials Questions with direct digital links to IM Essentials Online IM Essentials Text is currently out of stock.

The content contained in IM Essentials Text is included in a digital format as part of IM Essentials Online. IM Essentials Questions IM Essentials Questions is a self-assessment question book that uses clinically based, MKSAP-style questions to assess mastery of important internal medicine concepts and identify areas in which additional study is needed. Specific features include the following: • Over 500 MKSAP-style best single answer multiple-choice medical questions • Detailed critiques explaining why options are correct or incorrect • Succinct key points with each question to summarize the important take-home messages • A bibliographic reference for each question for medical students to pursue additional study. IM Essentials Online Integrating the content of the books into an electronic resource. These resources are included with the purchase of either book or is available for purchase separately. • A dynamic online program containing the full content of both books with the ability to dynamically switch between text and associated questions • Over 1,000 digital flashcards, the ability to create custom quizzes, view peer statistics, and more • IM Essentials Online only is available if you do not wish to receive the print books.

IM Essentials Online Included free with the purchase of IM Essentials Text or IM Essentials Questions, or available as a standalone purchase. Download Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 Pcsx2. IM Essentials Online is the digital version of IM Essentials that integrates the content of IM Essentials Text and IM Essentials Questions into a mobile-friendly, electronic resource offering several specific features particularly useful to internal medicine clerkship directors and students: • Available for use on multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) as a learning resource for students across different sites on distributed clerkships. • Text and self-assessment questions are electronically linked to allow immediate switching back and forth between questions and supporting textbook content to facilitate learning. Venom Welcome To Hell Remastered Rar.

• A custom quiz function allows users to create quizzes using the self-assessment questions in subspecialty areas assigned by the clerkship director for individual study or in areas requiring additional study. • Includes access to over 1,000 digital flashcards derived from the core content of IM Essentials for students to reinforce key factual content. The IM Essentials Flashcard app was named one of the best new medical apps by MedPage Today.

• A 'Document Your Learning' function allows students to submit reports on assigned self-assessment questions to the clerkship director for review, or can be used by individual students to track their own learning. • Students are provided with data concerning their performance on self-assessment questions compared to other users of IM Essentials Online to assess topic areas in which additional focus may be needed.