Ford Galaxy Door Panel Removal

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Ford Galaxy Door Panel Removal

This guide talks through removal of the rear quarter panel 'door' cards. The procedure is largely the same for both sides with a few subtle differences: The panels are held in place by a number of screws, clips and adjacent panels. If both panels are to be removed then the rear tailgate lock panel should be removed, if only one side is to be removed then the panel can be lifted slightly on that side if preferred.

The chrome and plastic panels are both fixed the same way by plastic plugs. The plugs are the same fixings that hold the main door cards in place but instead of 'locking' into position, they are used in a compression state instead. A trim removal tool is useful here but if not the panel can simply be pulled up with care.

If you have the metal panel then extra care must be taken not to bend it! On the bottom of the panel a large plastic screw can be found, one on the N/S card and two on the O/S card.

These simply unscrew but may need a small flat blade to act as a lever to assist! The seatbelt mount can now be undone, prise off the rubber cap and then undo the bolt. Ms Visio 2007 Free Download For Windows 7 32 Bit. On earlier car's this is normally a standard bolt, later car's it becomes a spline drive bolt The tailgate buffer can now be removed, undo the small screw and remove the cap (Not shown, green arrow) and then the two retaining bolts to remove the buffer: If removing the drivers panel then lift up the storage lid and undo the two big screws. If a CD changer is attached then this must be disconnected and the cable passed back through the grommet.

The mirror brackets are designed to help eliminate any possible annoying vehicle vibration and distortion. Please note that specific installation procedures must be followed, including possible door panel removal which requires a special removal tool. If you need to order a replacement Ford Galaxy mirror please contact.

Ford Galaxy Door Panel Removal

On some models a further single screw is used inside the rear lower storage panel. The C and D pillar trim covers are next to come off, the C pillar trim has a single screw at the bottom which must be removed: The seatbelt upper mountings can now be removed, the plastic cover unclips and lifts up (Green arrow) to allow access to the bolt. Again, earlier cars have a regular bolt, later car's require the spline tool.

A cardboard washer is fitted here as a noise suppressor so recover it and some vehicles also have a collar piece that needs to be recovered. The panels can now be pulled off, note the four 'Christmas tree' fixing clips that hold it on will normally stay with the car and not the panel so these will need to be recovered for refitting later. The final step is to remove the panel, the green arrows show where the 4 clips are that hold the top of the panel in place and these need to be disengaged by pulling the bottom of the panel outwards and then lifting it up. The images for this document were provided by - Thanks! Playlist The Very Best Of Suicidal Tendencies Rarlab.