Excel Optical Fibre Patch Panel

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Excel Optical Fibre Patch Panel – Sliding Drawer – SC Style Multimode/Singlemode Multimode and Singlemode Sliding Drawer Design Management and Fixing Kit Included. Excel Fibre Optic MTP® Cassette Patch Panel - Unloaded 25 Year System Warranty Accepts 3 Fibre Optic Cassettes Adjustable 19” Mounting Brackets.

Excel Optical Fibre Patch Panel

Description The Excel range of LC patch panels are sliding drawer ‘tray style’ housings suitable for either direct termination or splicing of up to 96 fibres in 1U of rack space. Each panel is manufactured from high quality 2mm thick steel and finished in Black powder coat to provide a strong and durable unit. Vin To Pin Keygen Generator. To the front of the patch panel the specified number of adaptors are loaded from left to right. The facia also houses the release latches for the sliding drawer. Each panel utilises colour coded adaptors, beige, aqua and violet for multimode, blue for singlemode, and green for SM APC.

Each duplex (or quad) adaptor accommodates two (four) terminated fibres. Each panel has included within it a set of fixing brackets, and a cable management pack which includes cable entry glands, cable ties, splice holders, cage nuts and screws are also provided. Note that LC panels can be assembled to order using a combination of adaptors, pigtails and splice cassettes. Features • Multimode and Singlemode • Choice of port density • Management and fixing kit included • Adjustable fixing arms included • Multiple cable entry to rear • Sliding drawer on ball bearing runners • High Density – up to 96 fibres • 1U rack space design • Port identification numbers • Optional patchcord management • Recessed adaptors • larger labelling field • Special configurations made to order • 25 Year System Warranty.

Excel loaded patch panels are supplied with pre-configured adaptors for fast, easy installation. All patch panels are supplied with a cable management kit and cage nuts, cabinet installation is completed using the supplied fixing arms. The MTRJ and LC connector series are small form factor (SMF) style options. Each adaptor accommodates a two fibre connector, resulting in a high density solution ideal for server farm, data centre and general high fibre count installations. Spectra Plus Sc Keygenguru. * Choice of port density * Available in multimode and singlemode * Multiple pre stamped cable entry positions on rear * Each panel includes a 24 way splice bridge, 2 x cable entry glands, 4 x self adhesive cable management ties, 4 x cage nut fixing set and blanks for unused ports.