Do You Want My Opinion By M Kerr Pdf Download

Do You Want My Opinion By M Kerr Pdf Download Rating: 8,2/10 9156votes

This short story is about a society where they don't share ideas but all of the students and teachers are always kissing and hugging each other. It is the norm for them.

Do You Want My Opinion By M Kerr Pdf DownloadDo You Want My Opinion By M Kerr Pdf Download

“Teens will find much in common with the characters in this collection of stories spanning back to 1984. Kerr's finely crafted tales capture both real-life and otherworldly dilemmas in tones both earnest and satirical. The traditional teen love story is turned on its head in “Do You Want My Opinion?” where sex is practically.

I think that M.E. Kerr is making fun of the way that most people reserve themselves in public but everybody is always talking and gossiping and sharing ideas. In the short story the dad tells his son to, 'stick to lovemaking'(94). This is something that parents in our society today don't tend to tell their children. His father also tells his son, 'don't discuss ideas'(94).

Our world right now is all about discussing ideas. We talk and discuss everything with each other. Kerr is making fun of the way that everyone always knows whats on each others minds. People discuss and opinionate all the time. People debate over who to elect and what to vote for, what's wrong and what's right and so much more.

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